Cantu’s Plan

Throughout his career, Richard Cantu has been instrumental in efforts that have led to cleaner and safer neighborhoods, developed positive paths to the future for our youth, and built capacity amongst the community’s leadership.

Safe & Clean Neighborhoods

  • Improve neighborhood safety by expanding dialogue and forging partnerships between law enforcement and the community so public safety efforts prioritize the community’s needs.
  • Better utilize crime fighting technology like LPR (license plate reader) Cameras and ShotSpotter in high-crime Hotspots in order to assist patrol officers in solving crime.
  • Expand community policing with an emphasis on Youth as well as Businesses. Officers should have regular interaction with our youth in schools and community centers.  Better outreach with businesses will serve as a force multiplier by coordinating and sharing information and concerns.
  • Develop more neighborhood clean-up efforts by partnering with civic groups, schools, churches, and businesses.
  • Utilize community service workers who must pay restitution by cleaning up commercial corridors

Youth Development

  • Invest in Youth like the future of our city depends on it… because it does!
  • All our parks and community centers should be bursting at the seams with community activity; however, many are virtually empty.
  • Safe school corridors should be prioritized by police as well as youth service providers in order to prevent crime and opportunities for youth delinquency.
  • City facilities and other community resources need to be better utilized so we can divert youth from crime and drugs, while providing better access to resources and opportunities to succeed!

Community Partnerships

  • Improve efficiency of city services by highlighting areas of excellence and addressing those that need improvement. Department reps should be meeting regularly with neighborhood leaders.
  • City departments should seek out the use of schools and church facilities in areas where no city facilities exist, so services are accessible to the residents that need them the most.
  • Train and employ a volunteer Neighborhood Corps to assist with neighborhood code enforcement efforts and revitalization of blighted areas.
  • Prioritize the needs and goals of civic groups, schools, and youth organizations (like little leagues) throughout the city. These are the most active and none have more pride in their area.

Richard has been instrumental in helping pass critical school and flood bond elections, that have had a positive impact on our community. He has recruited and assisted grassroots leaders in getting elected to positions on city council, school board, as well as precinct judge. Richard has been a role model for his family and community of what it means to be an active and engaged citizen, of how everybody can make a difference in improving our quality of life, and of how through education we can increase hope amongst those striving for a brighter future.